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Your Biscuit Hill Photography Options

When you have your wedding at Biscuit Hill you have the option to have unlimited images put on the web site at a cost of $2/image if we take the pictures. You can set the number and type of images you would like to capture to control cost.

Your page will be up for 2 months so your friends and family that could not make it to the wedding can see your special day. Everything will be up within 24 hours of the wedding.

Due to proprietary rights of most photographers, the web images will need to be taken by a Biscuit Hill Staff person. However, if your own photographer is willing to share the wedding images, the charge for getting them up on our website will only be $1/image.

When images are provided by someone other than a Biscuit Hill staff person, the time frame for getting them up on the website will be determined by when they are given to us by your photographer.

See Samples of a wedding photo page. Prints and other Photo Merchandise.

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Outdoor Facilities
, Special Services, and Rental Options. Take a look at these to make your day that much more complete.



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