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Thoughts and events of my life so far:

I am now almost 2 years old. Dad keeps calling me his 20 pounder, but I'm not THAT heavy, and I'm all muscle. I am long though since I'm a Dachshund.

On Jan. 11, 2010 I got a new brother. His name is Waylon. Dad says where there is a Will there is a Way. He thinks he is funny like that. A picture of Waylon, and Waylon and me is on the blog. You can find the blog at the guest comments page of the Biscuit Hill website.




This is my 1st picture taken when I was only 8 weeks old. Boy was I happy to have a new home. My 1st owner bought me over the internet, but when my coat changed and I got extra spots, she decided not to buy me after all. She said I was ugly, but my new mom said I was beautiful, so I like her the best. And I like that I don't look like all the other Dachshunds.


I had a wonderful time at Christmas! My other dog cousins came to visit me and we played all day. My favorite thing to do was hide under the Christmas tree.




This is my friend and house mate Choux. We are waiting for Dad to give us some cheese - My favorite thing! We live at Mom & Dad's house not at the bed & breakfast, but Dad & Mom let me come and visit with the guests if they want to see me. I even do tricks for them. It is a lot of fun because I get CHEESE!!!!  I had a lady write when she stayed at Biscuit Hill, I was her favorite thing during her whole visit. Imagine that. I love all of our guests, but I REALLY LIKE her.

Here I am smelling flowers in the front garden at Biscuit Hill

We have lots of birds here at Biscuit Hill and I love to watch them and listen to them sing. I don't chase them like I do the deer.



Please Come And Visit Me Anytime,
Your Friend Willie