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Wedding Planner Services

Weddings 14-60 people: $500

Wedding Planner Services Include:

  • Consult with Bride & Groom to determine style & needs for wedding
  • Schedule person to officiate, and reserve ceremony date & time (does not include Officiant Fee)
  • Contact Bakery, set up tasting, accepting delivery and make payment for cake (rate does not reflect cost of the cake)
  • Accept flowers and place in pre designated locations (if applicable)
  • Set up and take down of seating for ceremony
  • Schedule Port-a-Potty rental & delivery (if needed for guests over 30)
  • Coordinate Catering Staff & use of kitchen
  • Provide names and numbers for possible music providers
  • Provide names and numbers for tent rentals, accept and supervise installation and take down of tent ($50 oversee fee is waived when you have planner services)
  • Provide names and numbers for local photographers or schedule in-house photographer
  • Set up your Biscuit Hill Photo Web Page (if applicable)
  • Coordinate wedding day on-site events (available until reception is over)

Weddings 61-80 people: $5 p/guest over initial fee



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