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New Braunfels/Canyon Lake Day Spas & Massage Therapy:

*In House Massage Service:
The "White Crane Massage & Spa", "House of Beauty Day Spa", "Serenity Now", & "Good For The Body", offer in-room massage service here at Biscuit Hill. Contact Spa for current rates. Jennifer at "Serenity Now" & Barbara at "White Crane" both offer "Couples Massages" in your room as well. The Captain's Bay Suite, Americana Suite, Creekside Cabin Suite, Vineyard Room, and Highland Room are the only rooms that have the space for a couple's massage.

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Serenity Now

Serenity Now* - 830-743-0030 - 842 Camel Back Drive - In Gruene

Serenity Now website

Good For the Body

Good For The Body - 210-535-1017 - Canyon Lake - (Verna)

White Crane
White Crane Massage & Spa* - New Braunfels - 830-625-7549

White Crane website

Retreat Day Spa
Retreat Day Spa* - 830-620-0615 - 409 North Seguin Ave.

Millennium Medi Spa
Millennium Medi Spa - 830-608-9989 - Market Place #720
House of Beauty
House of Beauty* - 830-608-0101 - 177 South Seguin Ave. (Impa)

House of Beauty, Millennium Medi Spa, & Retreat Day Spa offer a full service Salon providing hair, makeup, and nails as well as the traditional massage, facial, and pedicure services.

Please call one of their phone numbers if you wish to have any of these services while you visit our area. Please remember that breakfast is at 9:30am, so you should wait for at least a couple of hours before a full body massage appointment.