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Wedding Outdoor Facilities

We have several locations on the property that have been used by past Brides & Grooms. Please make an appointment to visit the property to pick out the location that best meets your desires.

There is a standard $150 fee charged for groups over 20 for use of the grounds. If the grounds are used as they are with simple decorations provided by the Inn & cleaned up by the rental party. If the wedding party would like the Inn to provide staff to do the clean-up there is an additional $2 p/attendee fee added to the House Rental Fee. But there is no added grounds deposit required. Groups under 15, there is no charge except for clean-up fee if that is needed.

Don't forget that we also have other services and options to keep in mind: Outdoor Facilities, Special Services, and Rental Options. Take a look at these to make your day that much more complete.

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Outdoor options...

Over 14 persons:

There is an extra grounds use fee of $10 per person over 14 guests, and another $350 grounds deposit that is refundable if everything is left as it was found. Also, portable toilets must be provided by the rental group to accommodate parties of 20-80 persons. (our waste treatment system will not handle anything over 30 persons) And extra trash cans must be provided by the rental group.

Outdoor Tent / Seating Use:

Tents & ceremony chairs must be provided by the rental party. We charge a $50 service fee to oversee their put up and take down to insure the integrity of our property is maintained.

Outdoor Entertainment Limits:

All outdoor entertainment, live or DJ, must not go past 10:30 pm. We are at the top of a hill and sound carries a great distance here. We want to respect our neighbors down the hill. There is no time constraints on music indoors.


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