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Adventures - Green Vacations

Biscuit Hill and the Canyon Lake/Guadalupe River area make a wonderful destination for a Green Vacation. Tube, raft or kayak on one of Texas' most popular rivers which is only 5 miles from Biscuit Hill. Bring your sail boat or rent a kayak, and enjoy the azure waters of Canyon Lake. If water is not your thing, the area offers 5 hiking trails, 3 bike trails, and 2 zip line companies. You can go to the Wimberley Zip Line Co. or Natural Bridge Caverns for a wonderful tour, fly down lines after a rock climb, pan for gem stones, or take the South Cave tour and experience what the founders of the cave did so many years ago. All your gear for this adventure is provided. See all of our tabs under "Adventure" to see even more Green Vacation ideas.

In addition to the Canyon Lake adventure options listed below, we also have links to options for:

Water Sports
Green Vacations
Bat Viewing


Biscuit Hill has always promoted the "Green" way of living. Here are just the highlights we have been doing for some time now.

* Recycle everything that is recyclable (this includes all plastics)
* Feed our wildlife all the food scraps (nothing goes to waste-their is an animal for everything)
* Run our dishwashers only when full
* Request that guests use their bath linens at least twice before requesting new ones
* Plastics are used at a minimum
* Clean our glass tables & mirrors with micro-clothes instead of chemicals
* We use CFL bulbs where ever we can and that is most everywhere
* Outdoor lights are on a timer
* Our grounds are watered by an aerobic waste system that recycles ALL of Biscuit Hill's water
* We have dispensers for all of our guest amenities instead of using the little plastic ones the hotels use

I know I have not listed everything here, but this gives you an idea of the effort we are making to help our wonderful planet.


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