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biscuits "Entertaining Favorites From Biscuit Hill"

The cookbook offers more than just our famous easy to prepare recipes, you will also find information on:
*Having a successful Family Reunion
*Afternoon Teas & High Tea
*Napkin Folding
*Baking Hints
*Cooking Tips
*Cooking Terms
*Calorie Counter
*Food Quantities
*Microwave Hints

*Herbs & Spices

...and much more.


Cookbook: $10.00
Sales Tax: .83 cents
Shipping $3.00

Total: $13.83

To Order:
Mail us a check for $13.83 with your address information,
and we will send you a cookbook

Biscuit Hill B&B
717 Colleen Drive
Canyon Lake, Texas 78133

Cookbook Comments:
Here are just a few comments we have received from guests and strangers who have purchased our cookbook.

"My daughter has graduated from college and is now working. She was bringing chips & soda for her once a month work group lunches. She wanted to do something else so I bought her your cookbook while I was a guest there. Now everybody in her office thinks she is a gourmet cook."  - Maryanne

"I stayed at the B&B and bought your lovely cookbook. I have been cooking from it ever since. I will be back this December and want to buy 5 more for Christmas gifts." Kimberly

"I would like to order 1 copy of your cookbook. I saw a copy of it when someone left their copy at the nail salon that I go to!  the recipes look wonderful! I can't wait to get it and start trying them out! - Sondra

"You don't know me, I never stayed at your B&B, but a friend of mine has and she bought your cookbook.  She has been bringing dishes she maid from it to our group night, and I just have to have one. Please send it to me when you can." Jean

"I have given away several of your cookbooks, and everyone LOVES them. I use mine all the time.

I've heard it said that a cookbook with a single good recipe is worth having, and a cookbook with three good recipes is worth its weight in gold. Every recipe in your cookbook is incredible! Thank you for putting it together." - Edie