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Bat colonies are best viewed between Mid April and Mid October

There are several areas in the Texas Hill Country to view these magnificent creatures. Mexican Free-tailed bats are the most common variety in the Hill Country.

These viewing areas are listed in order of closeness to Biscuit Hill.

1.    Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area - Sisterdale
Open 7 days a week for the free upper level viewing & open Thursdays-Sundays for lower level viewing where there is a charge of $10 p/adult. Call 1-866-978-2287 for more information or go to their link provided here. If you want to go, let us know and we can provide you with a map showing directions from Biscuit Hill.

2.    Congress Avenue Bridge - Austin
Observation area is at the south-east corner of the bridge. Call the Statesman's bat hotline for more information (512) 416-5700.

3.    Frio Cave - Concan
This is the State's 2nd largest rural colony. Guided tours are through Hill Country Adventures, and reservations must be made in advance.  The charge is $10 p/adult Call (830) 966-2320.

4.    Devil's Sinkhole State Natural Area - Rocksprings
Tours are offered Wednesday through Sunday. Advanced reservations required. The charge is $12 p/adult. Call (830) 683-2287 for more information or reservations.

Bat Facts:
1.    Bats are not related to rodents. In fact, fruit bats may soon re reclassified as primates.
2.    Bats are the only flying mammals in the world.
3.    Only 3 species of the world's 1,000 + are vampire bats. They are very small and drink the blood of poultry and other animals.
4.    Bats amount to approximately a quarter of all mammal species.
5.    Most bats navigate with high-frequency sounds. Using sound alone, they can detect obstacles as fine as a human hair in total darkness.
6.    Bats are exceptionally long-lived, some can live up to 34 years.
7.    Like dolphins, most bats are extremely intelligent. Some have a highly complicated social structure that includes over 20 different vocalizations.

-Source of information: Bat World Sanctuary

Special Note:
Austin has a bat hospital that works to rehabilitate bats. Visit for more information.


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